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"There was one incredible drama that stood way above the pack, and that was Moontown, starring Mackenzie Davis and directed by Jessica Garrison. Moontown worked where the other films in the block failed because it features characters that are both recognizable and unique, in a situation that is simultaneously believable and bizarre."

    - FILM RADAR.      


Jessica Garrison is a comedy writer and director with a background in theater and production design. For eleven years, Jessica worked as a commercial production designer, working with clients like Asics, Dell, CB2, Method Home, MLB, Chicken of the Sea and many more.  At the same time, she was writing and directing theater as a founding member of LA-based theater company, Public Assembly. She has written seven and directed eleven stage plays with the company. She has written four and directed three short films which played festival circuits worldwide at such festivals as SXSW, Maryland Film Festival, LA Filmfest, Ashland, Hollyshorts and more. Her latest film, Dime, won the audience award on The Cyclist, starring Shannyn Sossamon, co-written by Garrison and based on her original short story, garnered a Best Short Film award and played at more than a dozen festivals. Her fiction, including her short story collection, One Dollar Stories, has appeared in such places as Flaunt Magazine, Rogue Magazine and The Rattling Wall. She was a finalist for the PEN USA Emerging Voices Fellowship.


"Darkly funny, incisive about the insecurities and triggers of men and women...Garrison is in complete control of the material, a rare film that confidently tackles sexuality and gender power dynamics without resorting to simplistic moralizing."    - NoBudge


"Garrison captures sex, loneliness, and the random thrills of life with such poignancy you yearn for more..."           - The Neave

"Perhaps the most distinguishing feature is the transformation of the ordinary into sensuality. This is directly accomplished through Garrison making every mundane gesture into an affair of intimacy...Its brevity strikes directly as pure drama and after you finish the story in about one minute your head whirls at how it is possible."

                       - Forum Magazine


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